Pet Sitting Services, St. Petersburg, FL

Pet sitting. Dog Walking. Pet transportation.

Sounds like no big deal, right? I mean we’re just talking about pet sitting after all. But when it comes to YOUR pet, we know it is a big deal.

Why? Because you want – no, need – to know that the furry or feathered member of your family is getting care and attention just like you’d give, even when you can’t.

And that’s why you need to work with Longo Pet Concierge in St. Petersburg. We’re not just certified to provided pet sitting services for your pet, we’ll care for your pet like it was our own.

And all of our pet sitting services come with something extra: a genuine love of animals that lets us shower your pets with the love and care they deserve. When you can’t be there, we will!

Check out the many pet sitting services we offer. Read what some of our happy clients have to say. Then contact us for a free consultation to see how we can provide a personal touch for your pet.

Longo Pet Concierge is now offering Life’s Abundance Pet Products delivered directly to your door! Click the image below to learn more about these amazing premium quality products for your pet.


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